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Graphic Anodized Plating Technique is developed under the basis of the company’s effort and
strong intention to upgrade the company to the world standard. LP3 INTER GROUP CO., LTD.
is the only one company that able to do the said procedure.
Tel : 02-461-5605-8
  Graphic Anodized is the process to do anodizing called Color in Surface or CIS. The product can give the most efficient result of aluminum work piece in both plating and printing at the same time by applying computer to control procedure. Any specified design, color and engraved wording called CMYK can be made and printed on the work piece successfully.
  The new innovation, Graphics Anodized of LP3 INTER GROUP company has been developed to the top level of no comparable grade in terms of creating unique designs, colors and durability.
  All of the mentioned quality can be proved by putting the work pieces under strong toilet cleaning solution for long time. The work pieces is proved to be safe and sound.
  Duration of finished work pieces can be proved by immersing under Thinner Solvent or put them on fire. Test result shows that after cleaning these burnt work pieces with fresh water, all of the finished work piece are safe and sound through this severe test.
  Therefore, work pieces produced through CIS technology can be used in variety of applications, such as in sanitary ware and bathroom equipment industry, photographic business, cars and vehicles industries, aircraft parts and equipment, electronic parts and accessories, telecommunication accessories, interior decoration for home and buildings, heat, sun and rain sustainable sign post and, condominium room number signage, elevator signage and many more..
  With experience in high technology and its strong determination, the company is very confident in carry out its business to OEM level. The company has also obtained business from very well known vehicle industry such as Honda, Toyota as well as from Aircraft Accessories Industry. These accessories include passenger chairs and other interior parts of passenger room. Western (SEA) of Great Britain is one of the Airline that LP3 INTER GROUP is now dealing with.
  Other than satisfying customers with the current advanced product, extensively used in aluminum plating area, the company is new focusing on improving its product value with very fine and attractive style. This new innovation shall be distributed under the name Beyond One
Former Anodizing
CIS Anodizing
  • Able to do plating and dying but unable to do several colors or different shades on the same work pieces
  • Unable to sustain UVA, UVB Rays
  • Unable to sustain acid or base media
  • Color can be pale and skinned off
  • Printing is processed after plating which shorten the life of work piece
  • Minimum charge for each printing
  • Fee charged for printing block printing
  • Expense on changing and modifying the design
  • High expenses, not suitable to work on the printing with running number
  • Able to do multi colors plating and shades on the same work piece
  • Able to sustain the intense sunlight for more than 10 years length
  • Rust proved, passed the Thermal Shock test and Salt Spray
  • Able to sustain strong alkaline such as bathroom cleaner and thinner solvent
  • Able to sustain heat and fire
  • No expense for printing block
  • Plating is being done during action
  • Able to do single work piece
  • No Expense over changing or modifying the design
  • Suitable to print the work piece with running number
  • Obtain value added to the beautiful and long lifework piece
  • Able to be recycled which is one of the option to cut down the consuming of natural resources
  • Due to its light weight, good looking and cheaper price the product is able to replace the stainless steel work piece such as sign board in passenger elevator

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